15 Pictures of an Amazing Kitchen Transformation


Without a doubt, kitchen remodels can easily become one of the most expensive home improvement projects out there. From demo to acquiring new materials and cabinetry, the kitchen remodel bill can quickly balloon out of control!

That’s what makes this amazing kitchen transformation so interesting. With a small budget and without an actual “remodeling”, the folks at One Kings Lane were able to take a drab, ordinary kitchen and turn it into something eye-popping and charming.

Below, we’re going to share the various steps of the kitchen transformation with you. We think you’ll see how sometimes the smallest (and least expensive) changes can really go a long way!

If after checking this transformation out you’d like to learn more, just pay a visit to One Kings Lane. There, you’ll also find links to purchase the various décor pieces that helped to transform this bland kitchen into something beautiful.

1. Finding Inspiration


When trying to find inspiration for the design, these folks settled on this luxury kitchen design. They decided to recreate the look without breaking the budget!

2. A New Coat of Paint


Previously, the walls in the transformation kitchen had been navy blue. A skim coat was applied to the walls to ensure a smooth and flat surface.

3. Applying the Paint


After the skim coat was applied, these folks decided to use a brighter color. They settled on Benjamin Moor Blue Ice.

4. From Another Angle


Looking at this corner of the kitchen from another angle, we think you can see how the brighter blue helps to make the small kitchen space feel airier.

5. Drab Cabinetry


The biggest eyesore in this kitchen, though, was the cabinetry, which was plain wood and devoid of hardware.

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