15 Novel Open Concept Living Room Design Ideas

11.  Minimalist Modern

image named family rooms 231

Startlingly minimalist, this elongated white family room is relieved by a colorful set of bookshelves at one end.

12.  Black and Orange

image named family rooms 232

Black is a favored neutral for family rooms, but it can be elevated to a cheerful and fashionable level with a pop of vivid color.

13.  Storage and More Storage

image named family rooms 233

All family rooms must have storage!  And this one achieves it in subtle, modern fashion with these elegant black floor cabinets – perfect for concealing all kinds of child-friendly activities.

14.  Brick Contrast

image named family rooms 234

A dark ceiling and sleek brickwork need to be offset here with clean white trim and carpeting – perfect contrast in perfect combinations.

15.  Arched Ceiling

image named family rooms 235

This magical little family room features a gently arched ceiling over the tiled patio – a peaceful retreat for reading or observing nature.

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