15 Magnificent Living Room Design Ideas

11. Light and Dark

image named living rooms 411

The contrast of light and dark in this living room is a great balance. From light furniture to dark wood, and those beautiful glass doors.

12. Heavenly

image named living rooms 412

This light fixture glows perfectly with the rug, floor and furniture in this living room. The fireplace is a great focal point.

13. Green Gem

image named living rooms 413

The green accents in this living room are a perfect complement to the walls and area rug. The large windows add the green of nature.

14. Simply Elegant

image named living rooms 414

The main wall of this living room sets the tone for beautiful simplicity. Mini-library adds such warmth to the space.

15. Office Nook

image named living rooms 415

Making great use of limited space, this office nook has all the right elements.

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