15 Magnificent Living Room Design Ideas

6. Stone Works

image named living rooms 406

The stone wall accent in this living room provides the perfect focal point. Glass doors and light wood are so stylish.

7. Board Room

image named living rooms 407

Look at the wall boards in this living room. What a perfect complement to the floors and furniture. The rattan area rug is just dreamy.

8. Traditional

image named living rooms 408

This traditional living room changes it up just a touch with the blue couch and patterned chairs.

9. Open Joy

image named living rooms 409

Look how this living room flows seamlessly to the outside. Barbecue on sunny days, cozy up to the fire when it’s cold.

10. Wooden Sky

image named living rooms 410

This gorgeous wood ceiling adds a perfect touch to this living room. Wood accents and fireplace mantle tie it all together.

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