15 Living Rooms with Eye-Popping Accent Walls

11. Detailing


The subtle detailing of the black accent wall in this open-concept living room is the perfect complement to the end table.

12. A Subtle Change


The accent wall of the living room doesn’t need to be completely different from the other walls. Check out how some simple stripes completely transform this space’s look.

13. In A Simpler Design


This design isn’t going to blow you over with its luxuriousness. However, note how the light yellow accent wall really makes this space feel much more charming than it otherwise might be.

14. Contemporary Dimensions


In a living room featuring contemporary design elements, a dark accent wall can really help to accentuate the look.

15. Accent Wall Built-Ins


If you really want to get the most out of an accent wall in your living room, consider including built-in cabinets and shelves as part of its design.

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