15 Living Rooms with Eye-Popping Accent Walls

6. Cottage Charm


The dark green striped accent wall along the side of this open-concept accent wall helps to add a sense of luxury to the cottage styling of this living room.

7. Down-Home Charm


The pattern of leaves along the accent wall of this living room helps to add some down-home charm that perfectly complements the furniture and décor.

8. Symmetry


The end table with the symmetrically places lamps and the wall mirror above helps to really draw attention to the accent wall in this living room.

9. Vertical Space


Got incredibly high ceilings in your living room? A tall accent wall is something that can really help to fill out that vertical space!

10. Exposed Stone


An exposed stone wall will really add a sense of luxury to a living room design. Here that sense of luxury is doubled by the small light fixtures on that stone accent wall.

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