15 Living Rooms with Eye-Popping Accent Walls


In order to create spark in the designs of their living rooms, many homeowners are opting to add accent walls. As you’ll see in the examples that follow, accent walls can really help to make a living room space feel more complete. Moreover, an accent wall can become the focal point of a design, offering a means through which the other design elements of the room (the furniture, décor and other pieces) can be framed.

Below, we’re going to share 15 living rooms with eye-popping accent walls. From ones that keep it simple to others that do something totally unique, we think you’ll see the full breadth of options available when you consider including an accent wall as part of your living room’s design. If you think that including this design element in your living room might make sense, then check out these 15 absolutely stellar examples!

1. She’s a Brick


Rather than covering up the brick in this charming living room, it’s left exposed. Notice how well the brick interplays with the rich hardwood floors.

2. Lovely Dimensions


The dark blue accent wall along the back of this living room with high ceiling really helps to add a sense of dimension and depth to the space.

3. Getting Eclectic


With a contemporary and eclectic vibe, you may wish to do something different with your living room accent wall. Check out the blue and white stripes of this one!

4. Framing the Fire Place


While you’ll typically see an accent wall behind the main couch in a living room, sometimes it makes sense to use the accent wall around the fireplace.

5. Along the Back


If your living room dives backwards from an open-concept space, you may wish to put the accent wall along the back to exaggerate the effect.

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