15 Inspiring Attic Master Bedroom Designs

11. Creating Storage


Storage space is obviously at a premium in your attic. Check out those closets that have been built into the wall of this attic master bedroom.

12. Keeping It Simple


There’s no need to fill up an attic master bedroom with stuff. If you’ve got some beautiful skylights like this example does, then you can keep things simple.

13. Wood on Wood


The use of wood walls, ceilings and floors keeps the classic attic vibe alive in this master bedroom, all while creating a decidedly contemporary feel.

14. Detailing


Check out how the detailing on the ceiling of this attic master bedroom adds visual interest to the space, particularly though the way in which the detailing is able to play with light and shadow.

15. Shading


Unless you’re a daily morning person, you’ll want to come up with a solution for putting shades over any skylights you might have in your attic master bedroom.

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