15 Inspiring Attic Master Bedroom Designs

6. Adding Visual Interest


In order to create a luxurious look and feel for this attic master bedroom, white wainscoting has been used on the ceiling and paired with grey walls. This works perfectly!

7. Using Exposed Wood


The exposed wood of the ceilings in this attic master bedroom adds plenty of charm, while recessed lighting will help to keep the space feeling bright and airy.

8. Ultimate Luxury


If there’s attic space to allow for it, you can go all out. The real standout here is obviously the glass enclosure around the stairway that leads up into the attic.

9. Contemporary Lines


One would typically associate an attic master bedroom with a rustic design. However, this example shows how contemporary styling can be used just as easily.

10. The Cozy Vibe


With the exposed brick wall at the back, this attic master bedroom may be small, but there’s no denying it’s cozy sleepy-time feel.

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