15 Incredible Ideas for Small Bedroom Designs

6. The Foot of the Bed


We love how these homeowners put a giant chest at the foot of their bed! It offers storage and a place to display books!

7. Brightening It Up


Small bedrooms can be nice because they’re cozy. However that coziness can sometimes feel stifling. Bright colors can help a lot in terms of ameliorating this.

8. The Attic Bedroom


Adding a bedroom in the attic can be a great way to expand your home. We love this attic bedroom that uses two twin beds on either side of a casement window. Perfect for guests!

9. One Under the Other


Want a guest bedroom that can accommodate two people, but there’s not enough room for two beds? Why not do something like this, then?

10. The Wrap Around


This small child’s bedroom makes the most out of the space allotted. The wrap around furniture, which goes from a desk, to shelves, and then to a bunk bed is perfect!