15 Incredible Ideas for Small Bedroom Designs


Let’s face it. No one really likes a small bedroom. We all want are bedrooms to be grand and spacious, offering all the room we need for beautiful furniture and décor. Sadly, home layouts don’t always afford us the space that we want, and we have to make do with what we have.

In truth, a small bedroom can actually be a good thing! The lack of floor space demands a laser-like focus on smart design, and this can in turn yield some truly beautiful and functional spaces.

If you’re puzzling over how to design a small bedroom of your own, then we’d encourage you to take a look at these 15 incredible ideas. We think you’ll see the full range of what’s possible, and that you’ll be able to draw plenty of inspiration for designing a small bedroom that gives you everything you could want.

1. Drawing the Eye


In a long and thin small bedroom, you have to find ways of creating visual excitement. Notice how the blue accent wall above the bed totally draws the eye.

2. Built-Ins Galore


Looking to get the most storage space possible in the smallest of bedrooms? Then lets just say built-ins galore are going to be your friends.

3. Hanging Cabinets


If you don’t want to cover your walls in built-ins, you could do something like this. Hanging cabinets preserve floor space, all while giving you the storage you need.

4. The Daybed


For a small guest bedroom or even a kid’s bedroom, the daybed makes perfect sense. Also, the cornered desk in this small bedroom is smart too!

5. Another Example


Here’s another example of a small bedroom design that utilizes the daybed. Here, though, lots of storage has been included both above and below the bed!