15 Grand Design Ideas for the Spacious Living Room

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When you have a living room that can accommodate a lot of furniture, the temptation is just to fill it with furniture. However, the living room is where the taste of your house can be found. With a spacious living room, using the different features of the room creates a level of intimacy that isn’t usually found.

There is a need for furnishings in the spacious living room. For example, do you wish to have a large sectional or would you prefer to have a couple sofas or love seats? What about the fireplace – how do you wish to feature that in the living room?

The 15 photos give you several different design ideas and show you how to use the space in your living room to create the perfect atmosphere.

1. Arched Ceiling

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This artistic expression of architectural elegance is a statement of historical grandeur.

2. Stonewall Scene

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Make a feature wall with rustic stonework and hidden lighting to elevate the design of any living room.

3. Whimsical Chandelier

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The simple yet charming design of this statement light fixture is sure to keep guests talking long after the party is over!

4. Wooden Outline

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An unusual departure from trend, the wooden outline of this fireplace is a refreshing change from the usual brick or stonework chimney.

5. Sunroom Feature

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Bright and airy, this living room keeps the family close to the natural outdoors.

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