15 Fun Family Room Design Ideas

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Every room in the house has its own distinct character. There is the stately elegance of the living room. The workhorse persona of the kitchen. The calmness of the bedroom. Just as the décor of each room provides its character, so does the décor of the family room provide its character: fun!

The best family rooms are designed around the age of the kids. For younger kids, it’s a great idea to have smaller tables and chairs in the family room this way they don’t feel the need to climb all over the room, but as the kids grow more intellectual items can be arranged such as bookshelves. A great family room uses bright colors keeping with the house’s overall theme. Why bright colors? It promotes the idea of excitement, and that’s critical to the family room being the place everyone hangs out in.

Creating your fun family room starts with taking a look at this list of 15 photos. You will definitely find fun design ideas here that your family will love.

1. Extra Seating

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A fantastic idea for entertaining, this coffee table features concealed leather ottomans that double as additional chairs.

2. Tiny Table

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Tiny but mighty, this round table is all the coffee table this stylish family room requires!

3. Shaded Glory

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Faux wood shades make a modern alternative to more traditional window blinds.

4. Copper Tones

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An oversized coppery light fixture shines warmth into every corner of this neutral-hued family room.

5. Throw Pillows

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Pop your personality in an otherwise neutral room with soft, colorful throw pillows.