15 Exquisite Kitchen Design Ideas

11. Country Cute

image named white kitchens 0011

This kitchen has a bit of a country flair, with the window shades and pantry doors. The flooring ties gray and silver together for a perfect look.

12. Marble Beauty

image named white kitchens 00012

The marble top on this island adds to the richness of the dark wood and the gray countertops. Sunny windows make it bright.

13. Gourmet

image named white kitchens 0013

This kitchen is made for cooking. Lots of counter space and storage, and plenty of room to create!

14. Blue & White Delight

image named white kitchens 0014

This white and blue kitchen is such a beautiful creation. Double ovens and silver accents are a perfect touch.

15. Long and Lovely

image named white kitchens 0015

Dark wood and that colorful area rug give this kitchen pizzazz. Green chairs in the dining area a perfect addition.

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