15 Exquisite Kitchen Design Ideas

image named white kitchens 0009

Everyone loves designing a kitchen because when done right, these are fantastic rooms that serve a great purpose. The best part about kitchen design is that you have several elements that must be included like the counters and appliances, but after that, the room is yours to do as you wish. When designing a kitchen, what makes it exquisite is the execution of the little things.

Perhaps the least noticed but excellent elements in design is the backsplash. These accents meld the counter and the wall in a unified theme. Other design elements include the different accessories around the kitchen, including the towels, plates, and silverware. Another fantastic example of a great design elements are the knife racks or blocks. Even if you are loathed to cook, they’re great to have around because yet another touch of class is added.

Having a great kitchen starts simply with checking out the 15 different photos, they are great inspiration to your next kitchen design project.

1. Beautiful Backsplash

image named white kitchens 0001

The backsplash of gray, white and black perfectly complements this white kitchen. The gray island and flooring tie it all together.

2. Perfect Cubby

image named white kitchens 0002

This kitchen has just the right storage options for making use of the small space. Regularly used items tuck nicely in this hidden cupboard.

3. Teal Accents

image named white kitchens 0003

The teal lights and backsplash add a perfect pop of color to this bright white kitchen. Skylights keep the whole place dazzling.

4. White & Silver

image named white kitchens 00004

This white kitchen with silver accents and soft backsplash makes for creating savory dishes anytime. Plenty of storage makes it so easy.

5. White Cloud

image named white kitchens 000051

This white kitchen with its’ clear globes and super light backsplash feels like being in a cloud. The dark island adds perfect contrast.