15 Cozy Living Rooms with Fireplaces

11. Contemporary Coziness


Anyone who tells you that a contemporary home can’t be cozy is lying through their teeth! Check out this beautiful living room.

12. Lowering the Ceiling


High ceilings are nice, but they can ruin the sense of intimacy a space can have. Note how the built-ins around this cozy living room’s fireplace appear to almost lower the ceiling height.

13. Wood and Leather

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Want to create a cozy vibe around your living room fireplace that simply can’t be beat? If so, then wood and leather are going to be your best friends.

14. The Right Rug


An all-white living room with fireplace can work against that cozy vibe you’re trying to create. However, a brown area rug (like the one used here) can change that!

15. It’s On You


Coziness is, as they say, in the feeling of the beholder. Whatever it is that makes you feel like you’re at home around a fireplace is what you should do!

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