15 Cozy Living Rooms with Fireplaces

6. Keeping it Open


If you want your cozy living room with fireplace to feel more open, you can go for a more minimal furniture arrangement as this example does.

7. The Center of Attention


There’s no denying that this wonderful cozy living room design makes the fireplace its center of attention.

8. Television to the Side


We all want a television in our living rooms, but we don’t want that television dominating the space. Here’s a unique solution to that issue.

9. A Centerpiece


Notice how the centerpiece houseplant on the coffee table in this example really helps to increase the coziness of the space overall.

10. The Fireplace Stove


A fireplace is all well and good for a cozy living room design, but a stove (like the one you see here) can be something else entirely!

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