15 Beautifully Designed Master Bedrooms

11.  Dream Catcher

image named master bedrooms 11

With a touch of Native American flair, this master bedroom welcomes you with a dream catcher, calming accessories and attached bath. Lounge in the comfy chair or in this luscious bed for a restful end to your day.

12. Uptown Chic

image named master bedrooms 12

This modern accessorized master feels like the penthouse. With perfectly placed mirrors and art, to the beautiful window and cozy couch, you’ll feel like decadence has come to roost.

13. Rustic Charmer

image named master bedrooms 13

The beautiful wood in this master will make you feel like you’re in an upscale log cabin. Attached bathroom suite leaves just you and that comfy bed on a cold night. Subtle lighting and a headboard for accessories complete the look.

14. Warm and Welcoming

image named master bedrooms 14

With the tan walls, warm distressed floor and dark wood, this master is so inviting. White blinds and beams keep it light and airy. The large bed with its’ comfy blankets wrap you in comfort for a great night.

15. Shoe Heaven

image named master bedrooms 15

What girl wouldn’t want this shoe storage? Neatly tucked into the smart storage area, this master is oh-so-organized. With an up-to-the-minute light fixture and a view, you can relax and ponder your shoe collection.

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