14 Pictures of a Jaw Dropping Kitchen Renovation

14 Pictures of a Jaw Dropping Kitchen Renovation-title

A tired, and old looking kitchen can make it really hard to feel like you’re truly at home while you’re in your own house. That’s why so many homeowners are willing to flex their budgets in order to get the kitchen of their dreams.

Recently, Sally of Love of Homes shared a jaw-dropping kitchen renovation project that he and her family embarked upon. Starting with a small kitchen that could only be described as drab, Sally and her family took seven months to renovate their kitchen, expanding its size and giving it incredible luxury touches.

Below, we’re going to take you on a tour of this jaw-dropping renovation. You’ll see how knocking down a few walls, installing some nice lighting, and making smart cabinetry choices can really yield a kitchen that any homeowner would be proud to call their own. Let’s investigate.

1. Drab and Dark

14 Pictures of a Jaw Dropping Kitchen Renovation-1

With uninspired wood cabinets, white kitchen appliances, not much lighting, and  a dark red paint, this kitchen clearly needs some work.

2. Getting Started

14 Pictures of a Jaw Dropping Kitchen Renovation-2

In order to really open up the space, the first thing to go was the countertop between the kitchen and the dining room beyond.

3. Getting Some Help

14 Pictures of a Jaw Dropping Kitchen Renovation-3

All the cabinetry ripped out, Sally and her husband decided to enlist the kids for some help with the demo work.

4. The Big Budget Item

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By far, the most expensive part of this kitchen renovation was extending the home outward, thus allowing for a larger and grander kitchen space.

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