133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

43. Blue and Wood

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-43

The darker powder blue used in this luxury kitchen provides a nice contrast to the dark wood stain of the cabinets.

44. Angled Island

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-44

If your kitchen functions as a dining room as well, angling the center island can help to open up the space.

45. Dome

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-45

The domed ceiling above the center island in this luxury kitchen helps to complete the Mediterranean aesthetic.

46. The Octagon

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-46

The octagonal shape of the center island in this deep cherry red luxury kitchen works beautifully with the breakfast nook area.

47. Full Dining

image named 133 Luxury Kitchen Designs 47

Rather than keeping the dining area and the kitchen separate, they can be incorporated with one another.