133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

38. Barstools

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-38

The highlight of this luxury kitchen design is the barstools, which work perfectly with the kitchen’s modern touches.

39. Exposed Brick

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-39

The exposed brick in this kitchen design really sets the look off. Also, the glass light fixtures are a beautiful and deft touch.

40. Open-Concept Range

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-40

Note how the range in this luxury kitchen design is open to another room; it’s a unique and intriguing choice!

41. Two Islands

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-41

If you have the space to allow for it, you can consider going with two islands – one for prep and one for guests.

42. Swooping

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-42

The swooping white countertop helps to keep this contemporary luxury kitchen design from being too boxy.