133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

33. Lounging

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-33

We showed you a kitchen similar to this earlier, and now you can see one of the purposes of the lower counter space. How romantic!

34. Small and Luxe

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-34

A luxury kitchen doesn’t need to be enormous. As long as it’s smartly designed, you can get a lot of mileage out of it.

35. Deep Cherry Red

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-35

In a luxury kitchen that features antiqued white cabinets, going with a deep cherry red for the island always works beautifully.

36. Wooden Contemporary

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-36

By using beautiful natural wood for its cabinets, this luxury kitchen design manages to be at once contemporary and classic.

37. More Copper

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-37

The use of hanging copper pots and interesting décor items gives this luxury kitchen a thoroughly rustic vibe.