133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

28. Go Big or Go Home

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-28

If you’re a person that likes to cook, and you want to have the kitchen of your dreams, then there’s one rule: Go big or go home.

29. Clinical

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-29

There are some who will thoroughly appreciate the clinical whiteness of this luxury kitchen – although, we can’t imagine keeping it clean!

30. Island Duties

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-30

Having a massive island in your kitchen allows for more prep area, and it provides an excellent space for guests to eat.

31. Circle the Wagons

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-31

Another thing you’ll see more and more of with luxury kitchen designs is this: the circular island, which can function as a kind of command center for cooking.


32. Contrasting Island

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-32

While many will match their island to their cabinets, there’s something to be said for the visual effect of an island that exists in contrast.