133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

23. Blending In

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-23

With some cotemporary luxury kitchens, you’ll find that the design attempts to blend the kitchen into the rest of the living space. That’s what you see here.

24. Country Eclectic

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-24

This luxurious country kitchen makes use of two different cabinet colors to create balance across the center of the room.

25. Futuristic

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-25

If you want your kitchen design to have a futuristic feel, you may consider going black and white, as this design does.

26. Cooper Hood

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-26

With the exposed stone along the back wall in this kitchen, the antiqued copper hood above the range is a nice touch.

27. A Desk?

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-27

One thing that many consider adding to their kitchen designs is a desk. It can be useful, especially if you have a large family.