133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

12. Splitting the Difference

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-12

Here, you see a luxury kitchen design that perfectly splits the difference between modern sensibilities and mid-century aesthetics.

13. Blue LEDs

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-13

One trend in modern kitchen design is adding LED lighting underneath counters. You have to admit that it has a striking visual effect.

14. Not Gaudy

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-14

Having a luxury kitchen doesn’t mean it needs to be gaudy. Here you see a kitchen that oozes luxury while being simultaneously minimal.

15. Light and Dark

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-15

With globe-shaped hanging lights above the island and white granite countertops, there’s just enough contrast to offset the dark wooden cabinets.

16. Countertops

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-16

In this luxury kitchen, you can see the striking effect that going for an unusually patterned granite can have for your countertops.

17. Monolithic

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-17

The monochromatic color scheme of this luxury kitchen is perfectly complemented by the monolithic hood over the range.