133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

128. Personality

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-128

While many prefer to be conservative with their kitchen designs, you can always inject your personality if you so choose.

129. Wood and Plants

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-129

The wood beams across the traditional luxury kitchen design are striking, as is the use of plants for décor.

130. Natural Wood Grains

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-130

If you’re trying to maintain brightness in your kitchen, choosing to go with light, natural wood grains is always a solid choice.

131. Black and Blue

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-131

The choice of blue countertops to go with the black cabinets is an interesting one in this striking luxury kitchen.

132. Dramatic Lighting

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-132

If you really want to set your kitchen design apart from others, look into ideas for adding dramatic lighting.

133. Live the Dream

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-133

Having an amazing luxury kitchen in your home is a thing most people wish for. Get started on your design, and make your dream a reality!