133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

113. Modern Zest

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-113

The center island with its amazing light fixture and ample seating is a stunning focal point for this modern kitchen.

114. Iron and Wood

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-114

The barstools in this luxury kitchen, which are made of natural wood and wrought iron, work beautifully with the brown, boxy cabinets.

115. Clean

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-115

It’s really hard to ignore the appeal of this amazing clean white center island with steel countertop.

116. Curved Ceiling

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-116

A curved ceiling with recessed lighting adds amazing dimension to this kitchen design.

117. Red and White

image named 133 Luxury Kitchen Designs 117

Another interesting color scheme that’s often employed in contemporary luxury kitchens is red and white. It works beautifully with fogged glass cabinets.