133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

108. Cool Effect

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-108

The wood-grain cabinets that make a line through the standard white cabinets provide an interesting visual effect for this kitchen.

109. Floor and Counter

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-109

When designing your luxury kitchen, consider how the countertops will look against the flooring.

110. Neat Hood

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-110

Check out the hood in this luxury kitchen, which also contains the overhead lighting for the island.

111. Emerging

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-111

With a countertop that emerges into the surrounding space, this small luxury kitchen makes a number of other interesting choices that make it truly unique.

112. Frank Lloyd Wright

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-112

Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright and art deco design will find a lot to love in this luxury kitchen design.