133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

103. Backsplash

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-103

The grey marble backsplash used in this kitchen design blends beautifully with the brushed metal appliances and hanging lights.

104. Library Appeal

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-104

With dark cherry wood colors, beautiful countertops and glass cabinets, this kitchen design has an appeal like an old library.

105. Dark Palate

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-105

Dark colors and deep wood used throughout this luxury kitchen give it a thoroughly intimate appeal.

106. Glassy

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-106

The elevated bit of glass countertop is the crowing touch in this stunning, but small, luxury kitchen design.

107. Panoramic

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-107

With a large enough room, you can create a luxury kitchen that also doubles as a dining room. Check this one out!