133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

6. Country Luxury

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-6

This beautiful luxury country kitchen provides ample counter space for both cooking and entertaining. The brick entryway is a nice touch, as well.

7. Rustic in Spades

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-7

To get a truly rustic feel for your luxury kitchen design, consider going with natural wood grains like you see here.

8. Entertaining

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-8

The rounded counter that surrounds this kitchen is a perfect touch for someone who likes to entertain while he or she is cooking.

9. Truly Unique

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-9

There are a lot of unique and beautiful touches in this stunning kitchen design. Perhaps the most eye-catching is that copper prep area on the island.

10. French Country

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-10

Fans of classic and luxurious French country designs will find a lot to love about this stunning kitchen.

11. Dual Sink

Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry

The dual sink on the center island in this stunning white luxury kitchen is a deft touch, as is the place for hanging pots and pans.