133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

93. Fireplace

image named 133 Luxury Kitchen Designs 93

This luxury kitchen design has a fun touch to it. Do you see the fireplace at the far end of the room? Totally cool!

94. Effective Use of Space

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-94

The layout of this luxury kitchen design makes effective use of the space allowed for it.

95. Hooded

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-95

Making an interesting choice with your range’s hood can help add spice to your kitchen design.

96. Full Bar

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-96

With a rounded countertop like the one you see here, you could practically turn your kitchen into a full-service bar!

97. Natural Light

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-97

If you feel that you need to maximize the natural light you get in your kitchen, light-colored countertops are always a great decision.