133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

88. Speaking of Green…

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-88

Green, especially lighter greens, can be used more liberally in order to add some brightness to your kitchen design.

89. Sharp Dressed Kitchen

image named 133 Luxury Kitchen Designs 89

You just have to love the deep grey used for the cabinets in this kitchen, and the light green island is a perfect counterpart.

90. Space Age

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-90

The deep red used in this kitchen, along with the interesting geometrical shapes, give this design a space-age flair.

91. Purple

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-91

Purple has long been the color associated with royalty, and it can give your kitchen a luxurious look… If you’re brave enough for it, of course!

92. The Floors!

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-92

Another way that you can easily up the luxury level of your kitchen is to consider a more luxurious floor material.