133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

83. Wrap Around

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-83

Notice how the wrap-around white countertop works beautifully on the center island in this luxury kitchen design.

84. Rounded Edge

image named 133 Luxury Kitchen Designs 84

The rounded edge of the island in this kitchen lends an interesting visual effect while also increasing the space’s functionality.

85. Inventive Lighting

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-85

This luxury kitchen with contemporary flair is another example of how important lighting choices can be to these kinds of design.

86. Shapes

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-86

Here, different shapes and rounded edges are used to give this contemporary luxury kitchen a different kind of feel from others.

87. Green With Envy

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-87

Neon green may not be the first color you think of for your kitchen, but check out how well it works with white cabinets in this design.