133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

78. Exposed Stone

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-78

Exposed stone surfaces are the perfect counterpart for the wood cabinets in this amazing kitchen design.

79. Creamy

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-79

Note that lower countertop area on this kitchen design. Also, note how the creamy color keeps things cheerful.

80. Wood and White

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-80

In this kitchen, wrap-around wooden countertops are used to add dimension to the pure white cabinets.

81. The Outside World

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-81

Adding doors that open up your kitchen to the outside world can really up the luxury level, and it makes things easier for summer entertaining.

82. Different Colors

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-82

In order to make your kitchen luxurious and truly yours, consider using colors that you enjoy to spice things up.