133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

73. Light and Grey

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-73

In this luxury kitchen design, the light stain used on the cabinets is balanced nicely by the grey paint used on the walls.

74. Refined Color

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-74

The use of different colors in this luxury kitchen design gives it a thoroughly refined and fashionable feel.

75. Unique Choices

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-75

This amazing and contemporary luxury kitchen design makes a number of unique choices that really pay dividends.

76. Mosaic

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-76

In order to add some spark, this luxury kitchen design makes use of a mosaic countertop. It works perfectly with the square windows and doors surrounding.

77. Let There Be Light

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-77

How can you not love this kitchen? Of course the cabinets are beautiful, but that skylights above completely make the space.