133 Luxury Kitchen Designs

53. The Darkness

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-53

The dark colors used in the kitchen of this open-concept space allow the living spaces to soak in the ample natural light.

54. Accent Countertop

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-54

If you’d like to separate the seating at your island from the prep area, you can consider adding an accent countertop like you see here.

55. Squares

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-55

In this kitchen, you’ll note how the choice of square hardware for the cabinets creates an interesting visual effect.

56. Stealth Refrigerator

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-56

One thing you should consider doing in order to up the luxury level of your kitchen is incorporating your refrigerator into the cabinetry.

57. Cook and Dine

133 Luxury Kitchen Designs-57

Crafting a dining area that complements and blends in with the design of the kitchen is a really luxurious touch.