132 Custom Luxury Bathrooms

132 Custom Luxury Bathrooms-title

Let’s face facts. Your bathrooms – by their very nature – aren’t the most glamorous rooms in your home. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same love for and attention to design as more high-profile rooms like your living room or kitchen. In fact, they may require much more!

Your bathroom is first and foremost a functional space. However, stop to consider how much time you and the members of your family spend inside of the bathroom. It’s more significant than you thought, isn’t it?

For this reason, you want to have bathrooms that are as luxurious as possible. Think of how much more enjoyable your mornings could be, for example, if you had a dream master bathroom? Think about how much more comfortable your home’s guests would be if you had a pristine and beautiful powder room for them to use!

On this list, we’ve collected a whopping 132 examples of custom luxury bathrooms. As you move through them, you’re going to see bathroom design concepts that you never imagined, and you’re sure to see various things you’d absolutely love in your own home!

So, stop giving your bathrooms short shrift! Instead, check out these custom luxury bathrooms and see if you can’t find some inspiration for a bathroom remodel of your own.

1. Take a Soak

132 Custom Luxury Bathrooms-1

A freestanding tub situated below a beautiful window provides a perfect place for taking a soak in this all-white luxury bathroom.

2. Complementary


The brown tiles surrounding the drop-in tub in this custom bathroom provide a perfect complement to the dark hardwood.

3. Gold and White

132 Custom Luxury Bathrooms-3

The gold and white color scheme of this luxury kitchen bathroom design is just the icing on the cake.

4. Dark Marble

132 Custom Luxury Bathrooms-4

In this custom luxury bathroom, dark marble is used to give the space a decidedly masculine vibe. Also, check out that TV.

5. A Work Of Art

132 Custom Luxury Bathrooms-5

The tile work in this custom luxury bathroom is a work of art, as is the way it perfectly captures natural light.