120 Custom Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs

11. Hidden Appliances

120 Custom Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs-11

The cabinetry in this wonderful custom kitchen is astounding, but the glass-front refrigerator is the real standout.

12. White Countertops

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While white countertops aren’t a typical choice for kitchen designs, they work well in the modern style.

13. Reflective Red

Modern kitchen interior in new home.

With reflective red cabinets, this custom luxury modern kitchen design achieves a retro flair that’s quite infectious.

14. Open-Concept

120 Custom Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs-14

In terms of style and design, take note of how this kitchen incorporates various choices made in the open-concept space around it.

15. Backsplash

Modern kitchen itnerior shot with studio light

With modern cabinetry, you’ll want to make a solid choice with respect to your backsplash in order to keep things from becoming “sterile”.