10 Pictures of an Amazing Bedroom Renovation

10 Pictures of an Amazing Bedroom Renovation-title

It’s amazing sometimes how little attention people will pay to the design of their bedrooms. Think about it. Most people quite literally spend up to a third of their day-to-day lives in their bedrooms, if not more. Why would you want a bedroom that you’re embarrassed to look at?

This is, of course, the reason that many homeowners will embark upon bedroom renovation projects. Below, we’re going to share an amazing master bedroom renovation that was completed by Brian & Kaylor. In this renovation, we think you’ll see how a few simple changes can go a long way toward creating a master bedroom you can be proud of.

1. The Bare Minimum

10 Pictures of an Amazing Bedroom Renovation-1

With the cookie-cutter bedroom set and one light from a ceiling fan overhead, it’s clear that this bedroom is all about the bare minimum.

2. Not Getting Any Better

10 Pictures of an Amazing Bedroom Renovation-2

Wondering what these folks were looking at when lying in their bed? Well, now you’re looking at it: a couple of chairs and a hamper!

3. Still, There’s Promise…

10 Pictures of an Amazing Bedroom Renovation-3

The bones of this bedroom are solid though. It has high ceilings, which are always nice, and then there’s also this enormous window…

4. Bam!

10 Pictures of an Amazing Bedroom Renovation-4

And here’s an overview of this master bedroom after its stunning renovation. See how it’s making use of that enormous window?