10 Common Decorating Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

5. Hanging Artwork Needs Help

image named tropical living room

Artwork is a broad term, but we all love hanging some form of artwork in our homes. It can be floral art, photographs, or kids’ work. No matter what it is, displaying it correctly matters.

You may want to call a professional art hanger. Make sure the artwork isn’t hung too high and consider how large it is and whether it is going to be a focal point in the room.

6. Bad Pillow Habit

image named tropical living room

Are you someone who has pillows on the couch? No, not one or two. Do you have your couch lined with pillows?

That can be annoying.

Some pillows look great, but too many just get in the way and don’t add much style. Keep it down to two for each end of the sofa.

7. Pale and Beautiful but Impractical Sofa

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Pale or lighter sofas can look amazing. They work to create contrasts in rooms. Unfortunately, pets, kids and other messy things can make them look less than stellar.

Get the fabric professionally cleaned then get it treated with a stainproof material. You may want to use a sofa throw that is draped on casually. Larger pillows also work well. You can always use slipcovers as well, as they can be machine washed.


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8. Your Vignettes Are Lacking

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Vignettes are a fantastic and simple way to show off décor in your home. They are your chance to show off your personality and style in one space.

Start with a focal point for the vignette and built from it. Avoid trying to be too symmetrical, as that is just too stuffy and formal. Make a theme, whether through colors or shapes and textures.


image named transitional

9. White Kitchen Isn’t Warm

image named contemporary kitchen

White kitchens can look clean and organized. They can also seem cold and unfriendly.

Add some color in with small appliances. Hand pans from the wall. Put some flowers and fruit around for décor. You might even want to have some signature pieces of artwork around the kitchen. Anything to break up the unfriendly feeling.


image named contemporary kitchen

10. There’s Never a Change

image named eclectic bedroom

Stagnation is no fun. Have you had the same room design for a long time? Like, a really long time? Maybe your room had a modern and new style when you planned it out. Maybe that was a decade ago. Times change.

Change things up. Change the pillows, bedding, fabrics, and artwork. Give your room a face lift. Reposition the furniture. It is time to change everything and spice it up.