10 Common Decorating Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

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Sometimes you look around your home and wonder why some areas just don’t look right. Is it the decor? The colors? You spend so much time and effort ensuring everything is just right, so it can be frustrating when it never seems finished, or worse, just not right.

If you want to spruce up your home, you don’t need to go for a big remodel. Often times, it is simple things that you’ve just overlooked or haven’t thought of. Maybe you’ve just gotten stuck in a regular decor routine and you don’t even realize it. Below, we’ve gathered 10 common decorating mistake and how to fix them.

Don’t worry, you’ve have the whole home looking amazing in no time!

1. Where is Your Focal Point?

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Every room needs a focal point. There should be a spot that centers the whole room. What happens when you don’t have that spot, or worse, there are multiple focal points?

Narrow the center point down to one thing – the fireplace, a bold piece of furniture, a mirror, or a beautiful rug. Then design around that point.

2. Give Those Dark Walls a Lift

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Darker walls can really look amazing. They can add elegance, contrast, and a wonderful mood to your space. Unfortunately, sometimes they can make your room feel closed in and like a dungeon.

You may be able to fix that with a simple lighting change. Use multiple light sources to change the ambiance. Get lights that face multiple directions. Maybe you need to take some furniture out so the space doesn’t seem as stuffy. You want an uncluttered space, not a cave-like area.

image named scandinavian bedroom

3. Unfriendly Family Room

We know you want to impress your guests with different rooms of your home, but sometimes we work so hard to achieve that stunning look that we forget to make the room inviting and friendly.

Try repositioning the furniture and make sure seating is arranged in a way that people can carry on a conversation. If all the seating is against the walls, people will be farther away from one another or not facing one another.


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4. Overstuffed Shelves

image named transitional family room

We love shelves, as they are wonderful ways to show off our décor. For our book lovers, we love having our books displayed and ready. Sometimes, we get a little ahead of ourselves and our shelves end up too packed with things.

Empty your shelves and sort all of the items into piles. Essentially, they are yes and no piles. Keep the interesting things, pack away the things that really don’t need to be there.

Consider painting the back of your shelves so the final items stand out.


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